Finding a fitness regimen that you can stick with!


It is way more important that you make exercise a permanent part of your life than it is to treat it as a new years resolution or a spare of the moment decision.

That type of mindset will cause you to forget about it after only a few short months.  Exercising is best approached as a lifestyle change and should be treated accordingly.

Finding ways to incorporate it in your life might seem daunting either because of time constraints or lack of desire to work out, which is why I say try the “baby step” approach!


Opt to walk to the store instead of drive! Some of us have stores that are only a few blocks away.  Imagine the joy you would bring your heart (and thighs I might add) if you walked there instead of drive!  Try to incorporate this as much as possible.

If you have a small infant use them as a dumb bell.  YES I SAID IT…. Strap that baby to your body using your baby harness and do your house chores!  The baby will actually find this to be fun! AND you will become more fit!  *We will discuss this more in detail in the homestead category.

Find exercises that fit your personality type!  No one says you have to be a fitness guru.  Just start off doing what you think you will like and take it from there.  Some people enjoy yoga, others weight lifting and other cardio.  Remember… baby steps!


This approach will help you to create an lifestyle change instead of a fly by night fitness frenzy that will only end in short memories of bad workouts!

How to travel the world on a budget!

The keys to traveling the world on a shoe string budget is…..





It is so important to plan your trip far in advance.  Dare I say at least a year!  I know, I know…. A year seems, well… a long time to put something together but trust me when I tell you it is the best way to find the deals you want.  Planning so far ahead allows you to take your time to figure out so many things about your trip!

What season do you want to travel in?

Personally I let the price point tell me when I should travel.  For example going to Spain for a beach trip will cost you more if you want to go during Christmas break from the ole USA.  Since Christmas is peak travel time (and therefore the most expensive time to travel) it is best to leave Christmas travel for folks who don’t care about being taken advantage of when it comes to buying tickets!

“Welcome Traveler! We are happy to have you!”

According to the Washington post a map was created in 2013 which gives you an idea of countries you may want to look at as destinations.  Although this map is outdated, it may still give you a starting point. You’re welcome!  -_<

Places like Hawaii, Dubai and Ireland offer incentives for traveling to those destinations!  Dubai (for example) offers layovers for as long as you would like to stay for a nominal fee!  So lets say you decide to go to SOUTH AFRICA and you fly Emirate Air, after purchasing your tickets you could call the airline and ask to layover for a week in DUBAI then catch your continuing flight after the extended layover!  This way you get to stay in two countries for the price of one!  Can’t beat that with a stick!


So just keep in mind that traveling the world on a shoe string budget might be a little difficult, it should also be noted that such an endeavor is highly rewarded with amazing experiences and memories that last a lifetime.