Why lifting weights or resistance exercises are better for your shape and health than aerobics!



According to web MD:

Studies show that weight lifting over a period of time can help prevent bone loss– and may even help build new bone.

In one study, postmenopausal women who participated in a weight training program for a year saw significant increases in their bone density in the spine and hips, areas affected most by osteoporosis  in older women.

Maintaining strong muscles through weight training helps to keep up your balance and coordination — a critical element in preventing falls, which can lead to osteoporosis-related fractures.

“We lose so much muscle as we age that by the time we’re 70, we only have about 50% to 55% of our muscle mass left,” says Beatrice Edwards, MD, MPH, associate professor of medicine and director of the Bone Health and Osteoporosis Center at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. “That explains why we feel weak and tired as we age, and we can prevent some of that with weight training.”

Weight training also helps keep our bodies from losing its firmness. Women who implement weight training into their regimen  in their 30’s or 40’s and continue on into their later years keep firmer muscles and tighter skin. This helps give them a more youthful appearance. Que Angela Basset lol

The secret to Angela Basset’s ability to freeze time is her workout regimen. She was quoted as saying that she lifts weights a few times a week accompanied by healthy eating and a once a week cheat day!  But the key to her body contour is her weight lifting.  Her muscles never got the chance to atrophy!


Aerobics, on the other hand offers you no resistance to your muscles. This means there is no deterrent for you skin, bones and muscle to age faster because of the aging process.  Aerobics does have its positives. It does help keep your heart and lungs strong.

So live your best life by adding weight lifting or resistance training to your weekly regimen for a gorgeous shape and healthy bones!

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