What to wear when you dont feel stylish!



As a mom and a business woman on the go, I truly value my time. If I had my way I would spend none of it looking through my closet putting together outfits!  I appreciate all the little things in life and feel perfectly content being low maintenance.

With that said, even I understand that image is important.  So my solution to this dilemma was to minimize my closet! The fewer the outfits, the less decisions I had to make.  Nothing says efficiency like the lack of options!

But how do you choose clothes for this kinda lifestyle? How would it work? Here is what I came up with:

1. Quality fabrics. Choosing pieces that will last requires choosing sturdy fabrics such as nylons, cotton and even suedes. Color fast fabric will also go along way.

2. Timeless styles. This is key. 95% of your wardrobe should be pieces that can  carry you through at least five years of style changes.

3. What suits you! Your own personality should determine the way you dress! Choose colors you feel most confident in. This will serve you much better in the end as opposed to following the latest trends.

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The revival of the “Dashiki”

Dashiki revolution!

The dashiki has made an amazing come back in the last 5 years!  There are many contributing factors to why this emergence has taken place.  All conditions being what they are, you could see how this has happened.


Since the uprising of the natural hair movement there has been a shift in the mindset of many African Americans about what it means to be “black”. Many people set their sights on the continent of Africa as a way of further defining who they are.  Many have taken DNA tests to find out what tribe they may belong, others have made a physical connection by travelling to different countries and bringing back some of the culture. So with the success of the natural hair movement, it would only be natural that people would begin to look to the clothing of the “originals” for further inspiration.



We all know what’s been happening here in the states when it comes to police brutality.  Afrocentricism has become the montra of many. Somewhat disassociating themselves with western culture.  Although this may not be the biggest part of the reason why, it does lend fire and passion toward further separatism in the culture.



We cannot discuss the rise in Dashikis without discussing Beyonces’ influence here in the states.  After her trip to the motherland with then daughter Blue Ivy and husband JayZ , she came back with a new perspective.  Both giving praise to the dances styles she encountered such as tso, tso style and all the lastest African wear! 


No one can deny that the country of Nigeria has enjoyed the spotlight when it comes to music and movies.  All you have to do is just see what is trending on youtube and you will notice lots of visibility with all things Nigeria. Many of the music videos features dashiki and other African prints that are so flattering and appealing to the eye, it has become a mainstay in popular US culture!


Just keep on the lookout for the melding of dashiki design in more and more American urban designs.  This merger with solidify the dashiki print into our urban interior!



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When style is more important than trends!

First thing in figuring out your own personal style is to know who you are inside. Never try and look like other people you may see! You are uniquely YOU!

I personally fluctuate between the masculinity and femininity styles. So a lot of the things I wear is fitted jeans and flowing/crop tops.  For a more conservative look  the outfit at the top of this article could be worn with a tank top.  I personally felt the stylish corset/bra was more befitting. It makes for a more daring look.

The front open animal print top is fun especially with a pair of ripped fitted jeans! Paired with heavy African accessories such as the necklace and bracelet pulls the outfit together! Danger this look is only for badasses. Proceed with caution! Search this site for this look!

Afros are a signature look especially with all the stars such as Amara la negra sporting the full afro look.  Its regal and fun and it au-natural!  I don’t think the afro will be going away any time soon. And let me tell you I am here for it!


When wearing long traditional dashiki skirts such as this one in the picture below, having a solid colored crop top balances the large-ness and wild pattern of the skirt.  I paired the look with paten leather 6inch heels. This style of dress is appropriate with any body type!


It is ok to get inspiration from stylists and looking at the trends of the day. BUT! at the end of the day, let your personality speak to how you dress.  Nothing screams authentic than picking outfits that flatter your shape and life montra!

Mines just happen to be girl/boy badass rocker mom! lol

Best swim suit practices for women of color!


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Women of color have a hard time in a few areas when it comes to wearing bathing suits. These solutions can help you alleviate some of them. 

  1. OUR PIGMENTATION:  is a big issue. Many of us suffer from hyperpigmentation and have skin that is darker around our private areas.  Although this is nothing to be a shamed of we have to realize that it may cause unwanted stares. The solution for this is to wear swim suit attire that covers up your butt and the private hair line.
  2. WEARING SUNSCREEN: This is important for two reasons. One is that in todays world the sun is dangerous and we are more prone to developing skin diseases. Sun screen protects you from those type of dangers.  Second, there are a plethora of sun screen products on the market.  Many offer glow, concealer and moisturizer.  This can help temporarily even your tone giving you a more flawless look. Below are the brands that I use to get that really nice even tone and skin protection that will last all day at the beach or anywhere in the sun! 
  3. MODESTY:  Ever heard the term “less is more”?  Showing up in a teeny weeny bathing suit leaves less to the imagination. So please don’t believe that saying. One piece or even two piece bathing suits that has more coverage in the private areas are more attractive and stylish.
  4. AGING BODIES AND SAGGING SKIN:   Bathing suits with good coverage also lift sagging skin.  These types of bathing suits tend to have elastic and because they cover the buttocks, it also lifts it. This causes the sagging skin on your legs to be lifted as well. Couple this with glowy sun screen and you have a flawless look for the day at the beach!

Try these methods and you will have a much better bathing suit experience!