Q and A with Urbble

Q AND A with the Urbble Team!



1.  Having so many high quality items, how do you keep your prices so low? 

Answer.  We are determined to not over inflate the products we offer our customers.  You deserve the highest quality and the most affordable prices. 

2. What makes your company so "eco friendly"?

Answer.  Well, for starters we scour the US for manufacturers who are looking to find buyers for their left over materials.  Rather than throw them away which is not good for the planet,  we buy those materials and use them to make our products.  It helps the manufacturer and it helps us pass on the savings to you.  The customer!

3. Why is your shipping a flat rate?

Answer.  The most important thing to us is getting our items to the customer without much fuss. We charge you only the necessary amount the ensure the package arrives on time.  The base fee is $5.99 for anywhere in the Continental US.  We also charge a processing fee of $1.99 per shipment.  Good news is no matter how many items you buy, it will never be over this amount!

4. Your products are really made in America?

Answer. Yes they are.  We believe the only way to boost the economy is to have jobs right here in the country that we serve.  We will continue to keep jobs in America, for America. =

5. How often is your inventory updated?

Answer.  Daily and weekly.  Right now we are looking to only offer new uploads weekly, with our increased presence, we will make daily offerings a more common occurrence.

About Us

We are here to make your shopping experience truly pleasurable. Our products are made in America and for the few products that are not, we make sure it is in accordance with "fair trade" practices. 

Please contact us for assistance or with any questions you may have.


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