When style is more important than trends!

First thing in figuring out your own personal style is to know who you are inside. Never try and look like other people you may see! You are uniquely YOU!

I personally fluctuate between the masculinity and femininity styles. So a lot of the things I wear is fitted jeans and flowing/crop tops.  For a more conservative look  the outfit at the top of this article could be worn with a tank top.  I personally felt the stylish corset/bra was more befitting. It makes for a more daring look.

The front open animal print top is fun especially with a pair of ripped fitted jeans! Paired with heavy African accessories such as the necklace and bracelet pulls the outfit together! Danger this look is only for badasses. Proceed with caution! Search this site for this look!

Afros are a signature look especially with all the stars such as Amara la negra sporting the full afro look.  Its regal and fun and it au-natural!  I don’t think the afro will be going away any time soon. And let me tell you I am here for it!


When wearing long traditional dashiki skirts such as this one in the picture below, having a solid colored crop top balances the large-ness and wild pattern of the skirt.  I paired the look with paten leather 6inch heels. This style of dress is appropriate with any body type!


It is ok to get inspiration from stylists and looking at the trends of the day. BUT! at the end of the day, let your personality speak to how you dress.  Nothing screams authentic than picking outfits that flatter your shape and life montra!

Mines just happen to be girl/boy badass rocker mom! lol

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