The revival of the “Dashiki”

Dashiki revolution!

The dashiki has made an amazing come back in the last 5 years!  There are many contributing factors to why this emergence has taken place.  All conditions being what they are, you could see how this has happened.


Since the uprising of the natural hair movement there has been a shift in the mindset of many African Americans about what it means to be “black”. Many people set their sights on the continent of Africa as a way of further defining who they are.  Many have taken DNA tests to find out what tribe they may belong, others have made a physical connection by travelling to different countries and bringing back some of the culture. So with the success of the natural hair movement, it would only be natural that people would begin to look to the clothing of the “originals” for further inspiration.



We all know what’s been happening here in the states when it comes to police brutality.  Afrocentricism has become the montra of many. Somewhat disassociating themselves with western culture.  Although this may not be the biggest part of the reason why, it does lend fire and passion toward further separatism in the culture.



We cannot discuss the rise in Dashikis without discussing Beyonces’ influence here in the states.  After her trip to the motherland with then daughter Blue Ivy and husband JayZ , she came back with a new perspective.  Both giving praise to the dances styles she encountered such as tso, tso style and all the lastest African wear! 


No one can deny that the country of Nigeria has enjoyed the spotlight when it comes to music and movies.  All you have to do is just see what is trending on youtube and you will notice lots of visibility with all things Nigeria. Many of the music videos features dashiki and other African prints that are so flattering and appealing to the eye, it has become a mainstay in popular US culture!


Just keep on the lookout for the melding of dashiki design in more and more American urban designs.  This merger with solidify the dashiki print into our urban interior!



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