Why “Beating your face” is bad for you!

It’s very popular now a days to transform oneself from something  extremely “homely” to something beautiful. YouTube is filled with videos of even disfigured women turning themselves into beauty queens using extreme and even excessive makeup.  The results are usually astounding which is why the term was coined “beating your face”.

Well this phenomenon has a downside…. It’s called foundation!  Out of all the makeup that is used, foundation is the biggest culprit.  Foundation covers the largest amount of skin surface and this is where the problem lies.  If you have acne it will only excasturbate the problem, it also caused your skin to crater over time.  

If the reason to use heavy makeup is to cover up blemishes this will only work for a short period of time.  It is best to keep your face clean.

If you want to get an even tone use shea butter.

It will eventually clear away the acne but it will take a while.  Months maybe even a year.  This is why using alot of make up is so appealing.  But in the long term, it will do more harm than good.  There is nothing wrong with using make up.  Even heavy makeup is ok for very special ocassions but any more use will prematurely age your skin, cause concaving of the skin and cause acne.

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